Working with us

The start up journey

There are many stages in the startup journey and we play in the space within the early stages which sits between the initial idea and seed investment.
Around this stage, you’ve probably developed a business plan, drawn up some sketches, received some feedback from friends or family, done some market research, checked out your competition and are ready to give this thing a shot.

Where we come in

To us, there is nothing more exciting than brainstorming ideas and bringing something to life. That’s why we love the beginning of the startup process.
Having an idea, identifiying the gaps in the markets and creating something tangible, that validates your initial feeling and research, is a lot of fun!

Our Work


Rhys from Dime had an idea for a social basketball app and came to Kanda for our CPT (concept development) service. We helped Rhys explore the sport tech space with a discovery phase which took him from idea to investment.

Included in this project:

  • Ideation sessions
  • Customer journey mapping
  • User flow diagrams
  • Wireframes + Hi-Fi designs
  • Prototype

NB: This project is under NDA and we can only show this screen shot above.

Our services

We’ve done this part of the startup process enough times to know how important every minute you spend is. Your money and time needs to be spent on the right things in order for your business to get going.

We bring strategic design thinking and modern technology together to create what you need in your startup journey.



Exploring the concept with ideation sessions & prototypes


  • Ideation sessions
  • Customer journey mapping
  • User flow diagrams
  • Wireframes + Hi-Fi designs
  • Prototype

Recommended if:

  • — You're just starting out
  • — Your idea needs help growing
  • — Pitching to investors

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Proving the concept works with agile tech & high-end design


  • Everything in CPT
  • Addtional workshops
  • User interviews and surveys
  • Working version of your app

Recommended if:

  • — Trying to raise capital
  • — Need a high end prototype
  • — Want to serve real customers

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Developing a robust foundation with a roadmap to match


  • Everything in POC
  • Robust, production software
  • Ready for large scale

Recommended if:

  • — Prototype & designs ready
  • — Need software ready for scale
  • — Prepared for the market

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What a pleasure to work with the Kanda team. Their realistic and honest approach was refreshing and much appreciated. They were clear on what was needed from the start for our team to hit our deadline.

Thanks to their knowledge, professionalism, and communication, we could drive our project home with ease and confidence. We look forward to working together again.


General Manager